Ultimate Fitness Chicago Boxing
Chicago Boxing Training from professional to beginner -- ages 7 and up.
Ultimate Fitness Pilates Room Kyle's Posse Ultimate Fitness Pilates Mat Training Ultimate Fitness Large Mat, Weights, and More Ski and more by the window
Dave Englund and Student in Private Pilates Session

Dave Englund 2011 Mexican
Ironman Competition

Dave Englund and Chicago Jiu-Jitsu Trophy Winners
Boxing is not only a great sport, boxing training is one of the best fitness regimes there is.  Plus its fun.  Classes available for all levels and ages.

Mixed Martial Arts Training Center

Another Ultimate Fitness Win
Jiu-Jitsu Training Area
Mike on the bag! Rick Preaching Giovanni Training Derrick Orlando Working the Corner on Fight Night
The Big Belt! The Boys from Illinoise BO in Teaching Mode
John and Mike working on tactics Dave taping Ken with Bo
Rav Captian of North Western Univ Boxing Club Counters with a hook. At Ultimate Fitness You Sweat! Through the ropes on fight night
RJ COHEN TEAM USA ROTTERDAM Kyle M Practices his kneww throw King of the Gym :) RJ Conducts the kids judo class.
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Come to Ultimate Fitness Center for All Your Boxing and more!


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