Chicago Boxing Training from professional to beginner -- ages 7 and up.
The boys Donny and Mike having fun in the ring. Typical Kids Class Kyle Meinecke Bo coaching Kyle with focus mits

Boxing, North Shore Ninja's & Judo for Kids!

Our Award Winning Instructors headline our kids Boxing, Boot Camp and Judo classes for boys and girls from age 8 to 13 years old and children as young as four for Judo. All of our instructors have participated in over 600 hours of certification training and have taught for over 2 years.

Classes are fun and low pressure, and designed to build self esteem, confidence and physical fitness in each child, as well as respect for themselves and others. And! Each child is taught sportsmanship -- be humble in victory and strong in defeat! All students will experience both -- on that you may rely!

Our instructors will teach your children according to their current skill level which will improve naturally over time. Kids are never pressured, instead they are reassured. They are never berated or put down, instead they are built up -- confidence is key and sometimes it has to be nurtured to bloom, so to speak.

Give us a call at 847-733-9478 to set up a free lesson or just to learn more. Or, you can click here to email us. For kids Boxing, North Shore Ninja and Judo instruction in the Chicago area, Ultimate fitness is an excellent destination.

Group and private lessons available.

Give your kids the gifts of poise and self confidence with our Kids Programs: Boxing, Boot Camp and Judo.

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