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Chicago Boxing Training from professional to beginner -- ages 7 and up.
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Ultimate Fitness: The state that occurs when every aspect of your being functions in harmony. While few attain this state completely, even modest advances in this direction can drastically improve your quality of life. David Englund and the staff at the Ultimate Fitness Club are dedicated to helping people of all ages move in this direction.

The Ultimate Fitness Club was built for our members. People of all levels of physicality and society come together in a spirit of mutual respect and support. We're laid back, but intensely dedicated. Our award winning instructors and coaches are certified professionals who go through a 600 hour plus certification program in every class they teach. And, this is on top of their own specialized credentials. Our equipment is second to none and we are affordable.

Our unique, family owned and operated facility, merges multiple fitness cultures and levels of achievement. Complete beginners mingle with advanced professionals in a completely supportive and respectful environment. This balanced, positive, environment creates our unique atmosphere. An atmosphere that promotes achievement for all members. At UFC- no one looks down on any one! All look up to those who choose to move towards Ultimate Fitness.

Below is a short list of classes and equipment. In all categories beginner to advanced, group and private classes are offered.

Come to Ultimate Fitness Club for Pilates, Ballroom Dancing, Calisthenics, Boot Camp, Free weights, Treadmills, Stair Climbers, Rowing Machines, Advanced Weight Machines, Yoga, Hot Yoga, Tai Chi', Jiu-Jitsu, Boxing, Woman's Boxing, Kids Boxing, Muay Thai, Sports / X-Bike, CompuTrainer, Ginastica, Gyrokinesis, Meridian Stretching, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Mixed Martial Arts, Ninja Warriors, Shen Tao, W.O.D. Level 1 Crossfit Training and of course, Ultimate Fitness.

The best in Chicago Fitness instruction -- Ultimate Fitness: 823 Emerson in Evanston: 847-733-9478



Come to Ultimate Fitness Center for All Your Boxing and more!

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