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Chicago Boxing
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Chicago Boxing: The Evanston Boxing Club was started in 1999 by Dave Englund to facilitate and promote the "sweet science", and to educate the Chicagoland community regarding the many benefits of boxing.

The Ultimate Fitness Club welcomes people of all levels and ages for group boxing classes and/or individual boxing training. We also offer opportunities to compete at all levels from novice boxer, to advanced, to white collar boxer; amateur and/or professional.

Club Members compete successfully in USA Boxing events in the Chicago area. We've produced many Chicago Golden Gloves champions. Golden Gloves is the Super Bowl of amateur boxing.

If you want to learn how to box, if you're trying to lose weight, gain confidence, or just want to have a good time working out, the Evanston Boxing Club is the place for you!

Coach and Intermediate Boxing Class workingin our full size boxing ring.

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Chicago boxing training offered for all skill levels.
Chicago boxing.


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